Saturday, November 19, 2011

Madhubani Paintings

I hope your weekend is going well.

It been cold today here. Its expected to rain as well tomorrow.  So, not much gardening work outside and also finished re potting my orchids and couple of cymbidiums. After my chores were done, I needed things to keep me busy at home.

 Madhubani paintings have always interested me. Though I am not a talented artist or anything like that I always felt I could try my hand with Madhubani just like I did with Warli. On the other hand, I am sure Kerala mural or Tanjor painting is out of reach for me unless I can trace the image first. :-)  A girl can dream right?

This is how I decided to spend my afternoon after all my work was done. I wanted to try my hand at some simple Madhubani art.  Here is is what I came up with.

This is how the sketch looked before the colors were filled in. 

Do you like it?  Should I frame it or leave in the sketch pad?

Its the perfect weather here for chillie bajji, pakodas and apple turnovers.  Eat, enjoy and have a relaxing wonderful weekend.

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  1. Loved the painting completely....... thanks for linking in...

  2. Absolutely gorgeous...definitely frame it:):)

  3. Wow !wow!that is what you need to do first thing....FRAME the beauty:)

  4. wow!! wow!! wow!! that is simply gorgeous.. gorgeous!!


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