About me

I am a wife, mother and SW engineer.  I am married and I have two beautiful daughters. I like everything beautiful.  Tell me who doesn't?

 I hope to rediscover my old passion for art and find new ones as go along.  I have never painted even as a kid and I admire people who can do it.  As a child, my mom did a great job of exposing me to different craft work.  every summer I learnt something new.  

I love gardening. That is one of my passions.  I live in a place where weather is good year round and I get plenty of opportunity to do that. 
 From my garden, this rose plant was a gift from my husband.
I love shopping and travelling.  Who doesn't?  For now, life is so hectic, it hardly provides a chance to travel.

Thanks for stopping by and keep visiting.

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