Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Weekend

This is Memorial day weekend here in USA.  This is the first long weekend we get after a good four months.  I always look forward to this long weekend.

This time, we didn't travel anywhere as girls were busy this weekend.  I took a break from my regular chores today to work on something I haven't done in many many months.

How do you like this?  I love this color of Jade.  Don't you?

Here is another look at the necklace and hoops.

BTW,  Have you visited my pins on Pinterest?   I look forward to hearing your comments.  Enjoy rest of your weekend.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have been on a long hiatus from the blog.  Life has been extremely busy with visitors, hectic projects at work etc.

Few weeks ago, I happened to land on a Craftsvilla.  I browsed around the website and saw that they carry stuff from individual vendors and crafts which are hand made.

Here is the stuff I bought from them.
They send necklace set and another trinket I bought in this beautiful box.

  I also have my eye on a following stool.
from craftsilla website
Folks, they carry a wide rang of stuff.  They ship abroad too.  Happy shopping everyone.

Linking it to Colours Dekor weekly story.