Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Things I would like to own one day

I was browsing through the HGTV website and landed on this link

One particular design caught my eye.  The antique door.  I am also looking for an antique door for my puja room here.  I haven't found "the one"

This is exquisite though

Typically, puja room doors are not complete solid enclosed doors.  They have carved solid panels at the bottom and open spaces between carvings at the top.  I really would like such door panels for our house.  I did find one such door in LA but it was already sold.

Oh well, one thing at a time.  Like my better half often reminds me lovingly,  I need to take on one project at a time.

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  1. Oh Yes!! Yes!! this one is on my list too.. The pic you have is gorgeous!!


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