Friday, September 9, 2011

I am back

I was on a short but hectic yet some what satisfying trip to my home town, Bangalore India.  I went via Singapore this time.
We had a long layover at the Singapore Airport.   We took naps and we did some window shopping, rather I did some window shopping but my daughter bought herself a bag.  We have done the sightseeing etc already so there was no enthusiasm to head out as it was raining as well.  So we decided to hangout at the terminals.
 I was amazed at the Orchids they had in the terminals in the airport. I have just begun collecting orchids for the home.  I have not had much success.  Out of 5 I purchased 3 have survived.  Of the three I almost killed one but a dear friend of mine nursed it back and it is doing well now.  I have not given up hope.  I plan on being successful.  So far I have had good luck with rest of the plants in my garden.  

I have several pictures I took as the collection was amazing. I am just posting a few from my collection.  I had not seen some of the colors.  Did you know certain variety of orchids are actually poisonous?

With all the walking around we did in the terminals, we took full advantage of the free foot massage machines they have in the terminal.  Both my daughter and myself got several foot massages.  Oh How I wish I had one such machine at home.

I plan on doing couple of more updates about my India trip.  So stay tuned.


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