Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Whats blooming in the garden - part 3

I hope your week is going well.  Mine is a bit hectic and I know it will be this way till end of March.

This is the third post of the series.  These are about my African Violets

These plants were an impulsive buy from Lowe's as they were on clearance and they had couple of blooms and colors were so attractive, they just came home with me.  I had planters which were part of my indoor herb garden experiment.  It was not successful experiment so these plants were planted in them.

All these days, they had lush green leaves but no blooms and one of the plants gave me 2 baby plants as well.  I now call that plan "Mother plant".   Those baby plants were separated and they found a new home i.e. their own planters.  None had  flowers.

I had made sure that they were next to a window on the kitchen counter.  So they were getting plenty of sun light.  Soil was moist at all times.  No excess watering etc.  Yet they had no blooms.  

Suddenly a month ago, while washing dishes, I noticed "Mother plant" had new shoots.  Skeptical me thought it was another baby plant coming up, but to my surprise, they were buds.  Since then I have been enjoying the blooms and 4 out of my 5 plants have bloomed.

Sharing with you all so you can enjoy too.

Here is the mother plant:

This one is a pink African Violet plant.  This is yet to bloom.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thank you for stopping by.

Do you own African Violets as well?  How have they fared?  Do share your experience.

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  1. The African violets brought back memories. When I was growing up in Bangalore, mom planted so many in the garden. I loved standing in front of them to take pictures! You are lucky you have a green thumb. Gulp…I don't!

    1. Thank you Reshma. I have had my share of failures as well.

  2. Oh my goodness, they are so pretty. I love them. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  3. I killed every African violet I ever had until I bought one last year at Walmart. It was only $3, so I thought I'd try one more time. I think I got it right this time. ..lots of light and seaweed fertilizer. It's gotten huge and just started blooming again after a short rest period. Love your pink and white ruffled one. Visiting from Ivy and Elephants.

    1. I should remember seaweed fertilizer. Thanks for the tip Babs.

  4. Oh they are just stunning friend! Long ago I had them when I was in college and they did very well on my window sill until I moved the following year and did not have the right spot for them. I do so love their blooms...and yours are fantastic!!! Happy week to you!! Nicole

  5. I have not owned an african violet in a very long time, not sure why they are so sweet! Thanks for sharing, Laura

  6. Your african violets are beautiful! Mine is quickly dying. I tried to replant it and I think I may have killed it. I'm not quite ready to trash it yet though. I'm going to give it a couple of weeks to see if it comes back. I may try the seaweed fertilizer tip Babs suggested.

    1. Thank you. Make sure they get enough sun light during the day. Good luck.

  7. Your African Violet is so pretty, I never have much luck with them though! They are such a pretty and happy looking plant. I especially like the pink one. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best! Hope to see you this Sunday too!


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