Sunday, March 9, 2014

Simple pleasures of life - flowers from the yard

We have had a wonderful weather this weekend in my part of the world.  Perfect southern California weather you might say.  I wish I had time to enjoy this weather and do some yard work.  This year I am way behind on my spring planting.  Two more weeks and my work schedule should return back to normal. 

This is one of the first rose blooms we have had. 

Don't the blooms from your garden make you happy.  Here are few pictures from the containers in my back yard.

I love this color. 

Only White calla lilies are in bloom.  Other colors are yet to bloom.

Do share what are you growing in your container garden?  I would love to hear from you all.

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  1. You guys are so lucky! Spring is already arrived at your part of the world! The yellow rose is beautiful! So jealous that you have such beautiful flowers already blooming away. I'm smiling like a cheshire cat today. The climate where I live is finally in the plus…so gonna make the most of it today!

  2. Goodness are your blooms beautiful!!! SO lucky to have these to admire already! Though we are covered in snow still I did get out in the garden a bit to start moving my containers around for plantings.....which won't happen for a bit yet! Happy gardening to you! Nicole


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